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Let’s start with a cliché — it was hard. Nope, not in the direct sense. It was hard to endure the indulgence. I travelled a lot — made 120+ flights, most of them not work related, visited 12 countries (all in Europe), lived in 3 different countries and bought a lot of nice stuff. I’m not even mentioning how much I’ve spent on bars and restaurants — probably up to $50k in total.

… Okay, jokes aside. I know most of you expected something outrageous as the first paragraph. But let’s be clear — once you start getting some good…

Hi, I’m your personal Russian troll. And I own you in every sense. I live in your head and I don’t pay rent. Everything I do is your culture. Somehow I became your mainstream. My views and ideals are discussed everywhere, my green frogs and stupid pictures are posted all over Internet. Everything I say is important for you. Look — you spend hours and hours discussing it, debunking it or trying to lie about it. I’m permanently on air — CNN, CNBC, FOX, etc. Whatever I do is newsworthy. Always.

I’m more powerful then you. I bend you as…

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According to Satanists, new age cultists and other quasi religious movements, everything is not as it seems. Example — there’s no distinction between good and evil, there’s no distinction between Satan’s “energy” and God’s “energy”. There’s simply “energy”.

I’ll use an example to explain that — imagine there’s a demonic possession. A demon — a being from the other World, made it into our world and manifested itself somehow. A group of people is energised to make an exorcism — to expel the demon. …

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“Rich people have responsibilities to society”, “Social justice”, “Social impact”, “Social responsibility”

And other bullshit. What is the society, that anyone can have responsibilities to it? Wordnik gives a definition —


A group of people broadly distinguished from other groups by mutual interests, participation in characteristic relationships, shared institutions, and a common culture.

Let’s start from the end — common culture. I’m a Russian guy living in the UK, writing this on an American website. Do you have a common culture with me? I guess no. Does that mean that I’m an outcast or something, that I can’t fit…

Very sorry to say that, but...

Once you reach 30, you can actually fork out $2,500 a month. If you aren't able, than I can admit that I've made bad life decisions and probably will never be able to make it.

I'm talking from a position of some average Joe who started from literally nothing.

©2019 Bloomberg News. Elon Musk

Straight to the point. I solemnly swear, I won’t bother you with P/E analysis and other financial and nerdy mumbo-jumbo.

Which American companies are currently truly among the leaders of the automotive industry?

1. Volkswagen Group
2. Toyota Motor Corporation
3. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi-Alliance
4. GM (-15% in 2019 alone)

As you see, there’s no American leadership.

So, do you really think that France or Germany will really let any American company to stop their car production? In the name of environment? Or even Japan?

The answer is obviously NO. Nobody’s going to give up their share in the name of whatever…

Just as I thought. I'm adding you to block - I don't want to have a conversation with people with made up personal info. Once you say you was a kid, now you're 16 years old, whatever.

A bidenistani degenerat, who’s only known for being someone’s son. Source:Supplied

Every story has a beginning. And so it happens that every story has an end. Pax Americana — the rule of the United States of America — has an end too. I’ve already written an article on that — the summit of American domination came in 2002 as President George Walker Bush was addressing the US congress in his annual speech.

Since then, well… You know, things happened. The American public is very scared to hear the truth, so no one within the US talks about it. Though everyone sees that and knows that. …

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A year ago I was working in the Netherlands, spending time between the UK and the Netherlands. I had an arrangement on working from home on Fridays, so my usual week schedule was something like that:

Monday — waking up at crazy early hours, driving to the airport, kissing the family and flying to Amsterdam. Schiphol airport, luggage, passport control, train, office. Exhausted by the end of the day I could barely make it to my hotel, where I had a modest dinner and then back to the hotel room to watch YouTube or play video games. A side note…

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So, you’re a gold digger? What do you do for living? You “dig gold” — in other words fuck around for money. If you have enough brain — sort of it’s a bit bigger then a brain of a cat — you know that sooner or later your looks will fade away and the customers will become rarer and further apart. This means you need to settle with someone profitable. And sometimes you do. This is a very obvious career advice any gold digger should get once they start their business.

I mean — I don’t mean anything bad about…

Nick Popov

Banker by day, writer by night. Nu-finance hater, Youtuber. Apart from that a Gamer and banknote collector.

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